Spartanburg Quarterback William Yex and Summerville QB Johnathan Bennett have a few things in common. They both play QB for two of the most storied programs in the Southeast.While Yex has been patiently waiting his turn behind EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Freshman and former Viking QB Austin Scott,Bennett took over in a fill in role last season as a freshman.They both want to be leaders.


“It really doesn’t add any pressure,it’s just another team,another game”,Yex said when asked if opening the 2016 season with a tradition rich program like Summerville added any weight to his shoulders.Even though these teams have only met a dozen times or so.Make no bones about it,THIS IS A BIG GAME. This is what people waited decades to see at one time. This will be the first regular season meeting since the 1985 season opener,a 21-14 Viking Victory and their first in the series.The teams have split the last 4 meetings over the past 20 years.””Our whole offense and defense have worked really hard this summer during 7on7 and workouts”,He added.

While Yex is a playmaker both throwing and off the QB draws,Johnathan Bennett is a different beast all together.While some of the Green Wave fans I’ve spoken to have said they are “down”,others fully expect to come into Gibbs Stadium and win,easily.They feel Bennett is too explosive with his legs out of all the Wing motions.Jeff Wingate,a long time Summerville follower told me,”Johnathan is deadly accurate on the mid range stuff and the outs,but his running skills are out of sight.”

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Yex still believes that Spartanburg has something to prove.”Our first goal is to win,prove to everyone who we are as a team,QB Coach Connolly pushes me to do my best and push myself.” He added,”He always makes me run the drills,from drill to drill.He is very picky about the little things,that are really big things.”

He knows protecting the football and getting the ball to his teammates is the first step into letting things fall into place.”we just need to keep practicing hard and keep getting better.”

William Yex said he plans to attend college then grad school and become a pharmacist or orthodontist.

5 questions with SPARTANBURG QB William Yex

  1. Describe Coach Miller in 3 words? BEST COACH EVER
  2. Favorite QB? BLAKE BORTLES
  3. Musical Artist? YFN LUCCI
  4. Football Movie? REMEMBER THE TITANS
  5. What is something that most people dont know about you? I LOVE TO HUNT AND FISH.



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