Summerville QB Johnathan Bennett

The Summerville Green Wave may have went 4-8 last season,But Head Coach Joe Call may have found his future in Sophomore QB JOHNATHAN BENNETT. Coach Call, who had the interim tag removed from his name this off season looks to make big strides towards a State Title.Bennett who had the role of “fill-in” removed from his name also.


Born and raised in Summerville,Bennett knows what it takes to lead his team on and off the field.Discipline and Integrity seem to come natural to him.The Sophomore will lead the GREEN WAVE into Gibbs Stadium this friday night to face my Beloved Spartanburg Vikings.After watching some of his highlights,I must admit..I’m a bit nervous.

“I just want to start my season 1-0″ he said recently when i spoke with him.”We need to have a great week of practice,you only get one chance to start your season on a good note.” He added,”I don’t care how good or bad I play,its all about focusing on the task at hand,beating Spartanburg.”

Bennett knows there is time for him to improve upon his skill set,but understands the pressure of a program like Summerville can put on you. “Coach Call is my main man,he is always there to teach me and listen to me.”When asked about motivation outside of the coaches Johnathan was quick to say “my running back DALLAS WHITE pushes me harder than anyone ever has.I’ve worked really hard since last season ended,this is my year to get a ring,anything less than a failure to me.”

Bennett hopes to further his education by playing football in college.

This friday night I hope I get to see a glimpse of what I may see on Saturdays in a few years.Best of luck Johnathan,Thanks for your time.


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