Once when  I was,11 yrs old,behind the fence at Snyder Field at Wofford College. I’ve was doing my best all night to absolutely destroy a pair of Toughskin Blue Jeans playing like kids play..Summerville was in town for the first time ever.Those days are special.I remember the pants…I remember The Buzz.


Sure,its a long distance rivalry,not even one that Spartanburg is winning.The Green Wave kinda own us. They have had our gridiron number so to say.TRADITION.THEY HAVE IT. Well,wait..We are The Spartanburg Vikings.WE HAVE TRADITION. Loud and Proud like John Bonham’s bass drum or Dr.Dre’s 808,whichever you prefer.

Through the ritualistic practice of speaking to people rather than cast weird stares at each other I met Jeff. Recently I asked him to explain this phenomenon of pulling for two teams?? Yep, We call him SPARTANVILLE,aka SPARTY;

He’s a fan of Summerville and a Graduate(and fan of) Spartanburg.TWO TEAMS. It’s borderline insanity to me. That’s like liking Led Zeppelin and NWA..Right? Upstate/Low Country?? Rock and rap?? NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!

“It’s a respect for their accomplishments of the Green Wave program and the hospitality of their fans”,Jeff said,as I almost threw up in my mouth….stop it..I’m kidding.”The traditions and love of Summerville are geniune and outstanding. DIEHARDS. ALL OF THEM”,He added.

WELLLL,all of them except one,Jeff. Jeff says he bleeds blue and gold and wishes Summerville the best.I almost threw up again.He’s killing me with this dual loyality. A true fan is what Jeff is,I know I’ve seen it..weirdo.

As I take off my “Compton” beanie as I look at my “ZOSO” framed Lithograph I wonder…How can someone pull for two teams?? The next thing you know…???

People will ask Who is John Bonham? and what is a 808??


It’s not for me,too much work.Two jerseys? Two Tervis tumblers?  Keychains? Hats??oh…the madness!!!

The population might not grow to more than Jeff,But that’s ok.


Who knows maybe this two team thing is the wave of the future?..If that’s the case,that’s great.It may change people forever,and even if stupid wars stopped and we didn’t kill each other over meaningless opaque bullshit on the way to breakfast…One guy might change it all??

I’ll always shake Jeff’s hand but HE STILL CANT SIT BESIDE ME.



See yall Friday..










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  1. I remember that first game.i was a kid my dad took me.we sat beside this older gentleman.ill never forget what he said.just our backs had come out to warm up.he says yall are small we will beat you easily.about that time my pops informs the guy the rest of our team will be out in a few minutes.if you remember we had a ton of players.never heard a word after the rest of the team came out.we are getting old man.i believe it was a fairly close game.i cant remember the score.

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