T.L. HANNA “Intro to Revolution”


SPARTANBURG took the first step towards dispelling any truths to their demise this past Friday Night defeating SUMMERVILLE 28-20.Those WEEK ZERO jitters are gone,first game mistakes were made,it’s history.The Vikings played well,improved as the game progressed  and beat a good football team.



T.L.HANNA will come to Gibbs with a bitter taste after a week zero loss at Gaffney,45-35.Not to mention The Playoff loss at Gibbs Stadium last season.

greenwoodhanna_full06_25342008_ver1.0_640_480photo:Anderson Independent Mail

As you may can tell I get of track.I ramble and mention obscure references and events while talking about HSFB. I apologize to the degree that at times it may be difficult to follow and/or read. My goal is to give you the reader a different perspective on Football in general thru my eyes and the people I speak with. There’s no moderation or filters. Freedom.We will say what we want.Now on to why we are all here:


T.L.HANNA has a history which is far too common among schools here in the south.Born from the “ashes” of Boys High School and Girls High School,it became co-ed in 1962 and in 1971, the District finally integrated nearly 20 years after the Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. This practice has built the foundation of so many of our schools and communities.Influenced,even unintentionally the makeup of our societies and those who speak on our behalf. I’ve often wondered if integration took place today..? What would it look like? How many kids would die.How many parents and teachers would shoot each other? I think it would be violent. That’s not something i wanted to say.It was something that felt the need to be spoke.oh,by the way..T.L. HANNA WAS WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES while all this separation was swarming there was a team,that was winning games.They were practicing,sweating,bleeding for the love of a game and each other.Those teams won 51 GAMES FROM 1971-76. Your first five years after a revolution is always the hardest,that’s what I’ve always heard.

It’s hard for me to believe these teams have only met 5 times. T.L.HANNA leads the series 3-2 most of these were huge playoff games in the 70’s and last years “Instant Classic” a 38-35 Viking Victory.There was also a home and home series in 1980-81 which the teams split.From my standpoint,This is a series I’d like to see keep going for a good decade or so.

So as the week progresses I hope to write a few more pieces.

Thanks for the support.

DRASH aug,21 2016



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