TL HANNA : Vikings win 14-7 & other random thoughts.

This past Friday Night I watched a great game,so to speak.Lets call it a defensive battle. Spartanburg’s offense struggle to find a rhythm all night.TLHanna’s run game was a potent as they come,Rushing for 13 first downs and 173 yards.Sophomore QB Meredith was only 6-16 for 36 yards.Hanna managed 209 yards of total offense. Davijuan Dean had over 170 on 28 carries,while Meredith was held to minus 10 yards on 13 carries and was sacked 5 times.hanna


The Viking defense i believe has found its self.I think now they know who they are and how they gonna play off of each other. Jay Rice and Connor Shugart were all over the field.I saw the defensive we will need come region play.

William Yex as 17-27 FOR 148 YARDS.I think Yex is really close to finding himself.Sometimes it looks as if he’s kinda panicking,but it was only his 2nd game.I have faith..Yex and lead us where we need to be.I think once he gets the confidence throw downfield a little more he will be just fine. Damyjai Foster scored both Viking Touchdowns on short yardage runs.He is electric and needs more touches.foster

All in all, I think SHS got better from week zero to week one…

2-0 and a road trip to Georgia to face Etowah who is coming off an upset loss to North Cobb 24-20.

As  a fan of the greatest high school football in the world..I couldn’t be happier..

On a side note; TLHANNA’s student section is the most overblown egos ive ever seen on a bunch of teenagers.They chant cuss words to make up for things they can’t do in the classroom evidently.You know,like they way a bad rapper uses cusswords instead of thinking of actual words to speak with.

TLHanna Student Section is A bad Rapper AND WE ALL KNOW..58840450

I respect alot..probably more than i should..But never again shall keep quiet.

TL HANNA Administration and those kids should be ashamed and embarrassed.

It’s not your 3rd cousins brother,your father’s 2nd wedding to his half-sister ,your mom at the Jockey Lot..


yea  I said it. you bunch of posers.




















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