foster As I sat this past Friday Night at Gibbs Stadium I couldn’t help but here the “armchair coaches”,”PUT #5 IN THE GAME!”

I’m not sure he even knew his name. DAMYJAI FOSTER. Yes he wears number 5 wether he’s playing offense or defense.He even wears it when he’s returning kickoffs and punts. I’ve never been one to reduce a kid to just a number.He’s a young man with a name,a father and mother,friends,classmates.He has goals,hopes and dreams.

Just like us.

Damajai is just like all of us in certain ways,But in other ways,he’s own way.He’s one of a kind.

Growing up in Inman,South Carolina Damyjai Foster had the support system in place. La’Toya Stephens and Kevin Foster,his parents made sure to surround Damyjai and his 3 brothers, Kameron, Jadikus, Ja’Tyree and his sister Kamayia with love,structure and discipline.

Damyjai said,”my parents and grandparents made me who I am today.” There it is.A kid who actually respects and looks up to his family. A rarity in today’s society where most kids blame parents for anything and everything.

Damyjai’s Father was a football standout at Broome and a local legend.His tackle escaping  58 yard TD run against Wade Hampton is still talked about today around the water coolers and loading docks of Spartanburg County. “What fires me up to prove myself and strive to be better than him is when people unfairly compare us”,he said.”It was different times,different styles.”

Did y’all just read that?..he actually looks up to and wants to be better than his Father.He must not be Human.At the very least hes a “throwback child”,to a by gone era,when parents were heroes.

The first time I saw Damyjai return a kick,I almost said out loud,”that young man runs like Kevin Foster.” The Speed,The Cuts,The Fearlessness.There’s definitely “something in the water.” Sometimes different is the same…IN IT’S OWN SPECIAL WAY.

When asked about this weeks game with Etowah,Foster said,”I’m looking forward to the road trip and playing out of state.It helps us become closer as a team.They have a big physical running back who is really good,but I think we can be just as physical and pull away with a win.”

“Before Kickoff,I thank god for the blessing to allow me to play a great game…Football,not everyone gets to experience what I do.I do my best,give my all to try and make sure this team gets another win on the way to another title.”

While teammates Romain Kelly and Eric Rice keep Foster grounded he said it’s Coach Nate Harris that Damyjai simply but strongly put as,”DRIVES ME.”


you can watch some of Damyjai Fosters Highlights at link above

“I spend my free time hanging with positive friends and family or drowning my ears with my favorite artist Kodak Black.”

Thank You Mr.Foster,Return for first Punt for me.


  1. Stay focus baby boy, always remember to keep God first in your life, and stay humble, and don’t give up on your dreams


  2. Well said Baby boy, stay positive, humble but most of all Jay Jay Keep God in your life , and don’t give up on your dreams .


  3. Great job nephew keep doing what you do. I’m so proud of you the sky is your limit. Remember good grades, good plays and good team player. We are your number one fans.


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