Muhammad Ali once said,”Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Ali Shockley is living proof of that quote.

cn-27rqwgae6tkv    ALI SHOCKLEY describes the Northwestern High School Football program a place where tradition never graduates and an athlete becomes excellent.”I’m the ultimate competitor that loves sports,” Shockley said Sunday morning when I spoke with him. “I’m from Rock Hill,I started playing when I was 5 for the Sunset Park Trojans then Dutchman Creek Middle now I’m at Northwestern High School.This is my Home. I’ve always wanted to be right here.”

Spartanburg (3-1) travels to DISTRICT 3 STADIUM in Rock Hill,SC this Friday Night to face Northwestern.(3-1)

Ali Shockley Highlights vs. South Mecklenburg

The 6’1 ,187 pound Senior who according to MAXPREPS is the #2 FS in the state of South Carolina has quickly been carving out a name for himself in area  of South Carolina where college and professional players seem to “grow on trees”. Rock Hill,South Carolina produces an NFL player for about every 9,000 people who live there and in 2013 had an astonishing  24 players in either the FBS or FCS ..Football City,USA as some locals call it.

You might find Ali near his locker,listening to Drake pregame,replaying his defensive technique.”when the ball is snapped I think run or pass, then run I gotta get down hill asap, look at the wide receivers and then react.”

Which reminds me.. ERIC B & RAKIM once said, “DON’T SWEAT THE TECHNIQUE”…anybody? anyone? if you are 40 or 14 you should own this..


..anyway,it’s something you should all study.At the very least google it.which reminds me,you need to see the movie “JUICE” also. Remember,”Know the Ledge”? anybody? oh nevermind…Back to Ali Shockley.

h23k-4301Jeff Sochko photo

Shockley is averaging just under 19 tackles per game at 18.8 with 38 solo through 4 games and 2 blocked FG. Those 4 games were against South Pointe, Dorman,South Mecklenburg and Byrnes. The Trojans are 3-1 and are feeding off of Shockley’s Leadership.”My biggest improvement from last year to this year has been my leadership skills.”,he said. “Winning State was a dream come true last season but this season I have more responsibility,I have to cover whoever lines up in front of me,I have to make big plays and call out coverages. I have to be a leader by example.”

Ali Shockley talks football and tennis from heraldonline.com

While Kansas City DB Marcus Peters is his favorite player he was quick to point out who his role models are,” The most important people in my life would be my mother and brother,I look up to both of them.”

Ali Shockley seems like a young man with his head on straight.He knows who he is and maybe more importantly he knows where he came from.Being from Rock Hill doesn’t punch his ticket to college or the NFL.He said ,”my coaches and team mates make me better,they push me to be better.” Ali added,”I’ll get there through leadership and hard work on and off the field.”




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  1. Back in the day that’s all i listened to was Eric B & Rakim and the movie Juice is one of my favorites. I think the Vikings will match up pretty evenly with the Trojans. Should be a very entertaining game.


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