This Friday I get to visit a place I haven’t been in years, DISTRICT 3 STADIUM in Rock Hill,South Carolina . Spartanburg vs Northwestern. The Saga Continues…rockhillscdistrict3stadium6000

October 7th,2011.Northwestern wins 24-21. The last time I was here.We held the Trojans to 3 second half points..those are the 3 that beat us.  A classic VIKINGS/TROJANS matchup. Which lead me to an evening at THE MONEY and EMERSONS. Drowning my sorrows.I remember leaving that morning and stopping just to look at it.There’s nothing special at first glance.”JUST A BIG OLD STADIUM”,I thought..”but…theres something here”. It’s almost primal.

Even though Spartanburg leads the all time series 24-14,we have never played that well at D-3 vs. Northwestern,9-8 all time, I think.The Vikings are 12-5 vs. Rock Hill at D-3… So that makes Spartanburg 21-13 all time at District 3 Stadium. (thanks to Rock Hill for the boost in winning percentage)

The Spartanburg/Northwestern series is one of the most overlooked rivalries in the south-east. The vast majority of these games have been a 7-10 point decision,a few blowouts here and there and just a couple of weird ones also.The 1991 39-38 Northwestern win is still one of the best football games I’ve ever seen.


During the span between 2000-2005 every game was decided by 5 points or less. We lost one of those games. Northwestern has had some 24,34,14 point wins over the Vikings in the recent past. Spartanburg is 3-5 in the last 8 meetings.A 20-10 win in 2009 was the last time beat Northwestern.

If those concrete seats could talk…

So does a close game this Friday favor Spartanburg? If the Trojans go up by 10 or more is it over?? Well,we havent played in 5 years.New Coaches AND New philosophies make for a new recipe for an old favorite.

Good Football.

This 9,000 seat stadium has seen some great legendary games.NFL and College players that kids dream of have tasted the dirt at D-3,bled on its grass and cried,be it Victory or Defeat in those locker rooms.Then, It hit me like a sledgehammer..The same thing will happen this Friday Night.

Now I know what that “something” is about that “Big Old Stadium”


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