“Excellence is my presence, never tense,Never hesitant” ..words spoken by The Notorious B.I.G on the track “VICTORY”. It’s amazing what you find,when you READ rather than Listen.Sometimes you have to shut your ears to open your mind.

Trent Byrd was born in Spartanburg County, he grew up in Boiling Springs-Campobello-Inman area.Growing up in crowded household and the sixth child out of seven. Trent found refuge in football and books,”I love to read. I read anything i can get my hands on; cookbooks manuals and especially comic books.”


AHH,the lost art of actually reading.The ability to escape into the pages of someone elses mind is something that has basically been left out of todays societal protocal.I always smile inside when I hear someone ,especially young..say they love to read.


Books aren’t the only thing that Trent has a knack for reading offensive lineman and anything that wants to approach the line

of scrimmage.Quarterbacks and Running Backs are getting to know Trent all to well. This year so far Byrd has 12 quarterback pressures, 6 quarterback sacks 6 tackles for loss, 12 assisted tackles and 2 fumble recoveries.

“I’ve worked hard developing my technique by looking at Defensive line skill videos on youtube in my spare time and practicing the moves by myself”Trent said.”the input I have gotten from Former Viking Louis Rogers and my Coaches  Jerome Rice, Mike Hawkins and Bennie Gibson has been priceless.This season our defensive line has been the glue that holds the whole defense together,”Byrd added.

“My dad used to play corner back For SHS back in the 80s so i guess its in my blood to play football and to do the best i can.” Trent’s father,Dwayne Byrd stills holds the single season interception record at Spartanburg High.”In the Northwestern game I was coming back from being sick and missed practice for two days so i wasn’t playing at full strength but i played because I didn’t want to let myself or my team down. I had 2 tackles for loss and 7 quarterback pressures.”

When asked about this past weeks 28-23 victory over #1 ranked Westside,Byrd said,”westside was to me like any other game I’ve played, it was just another chance to put to test what we’ve been doing all season in practice…and prove people wrong. Their O-Line really wasn’t much bigger than Northwestern’s so that was an advantage for us because we have some really strong people on our Defensive line and in our linebacker unit,”. Byrd added,” We’ve been able to bottle up the holes on the line so the linebackers can come up and make the tackle. We get great pressure on the quarterback and disrupt passes so our DBs can catch interceptions to get our offense on the field. The Defensive line always has one thing on our mind during the game: Be relentless.


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