Even though Spartanburg Left Tackle Grady Thomas was selected to play in the 80TH ANNUAL SHRINE BOWL OF THE CAROLINAS this past week.He is still focused on what happens Friday Night,”This Friday we have Byrnes and it is another huge game for the Vikings. The great thing about our schedule is, every week is a big game, we don’t have the time to relax.. it is always going to be a big game, every week,” Thomas said.

Big Game   Every Week  The Viking Way.


When I asked Thomas about the Vikings tough non region schedule Grady spoke about the Vikings last two games in particular,”During Northwestern,of course we wanted a different outcome but Coach always tells us Event plus Response equals Outcome. My team bounced back and we went through those steps that lead us to success against Westside.”


The 6’4 279 pound Laconia,New Hampshire native who also wrestles for Spartanburg has not given up a sack all season.When matched up with junior defensive end Zacch Pickens during the T.L.HANNA game,Thomas cause the Hanna coaches to move Pickens away from Grady.They changed their whole defensive run and pass scheme because of Grady. Oh, by the way..Zach Pickens is 6’4 254 pounds and has offers from every major college within this state and across the nation.

Yes including your favorite college team. Most Likely.

Go check,I’ll Wait…..


When I spoke with Spartanburg Offensive line coach Matthew Love.He sang Grady’s praises to the top of his lungs.”The thing that makes Grady a leader for our offensive line,our team and our locker room is…Thomas gives his all.In everything we ask.Every thing we do and say..Grady is 100% in.He is maxed out!”

“Coach Matthew Love has taught me some things since he has been here to help me go from a good player to a great player”,Thomas said. “and I thank him for that.”  Grady plans to go College,play football and get a degree in the medical field. “I was raised to take my academics very seriously,” he said.”My mother stresses that to me every day and she makes me a better person by doing that.”

A kid who loves his mother,loves football and wants to be a doctor. yep,There is some of them still left.You don’t see them often,but every once in a while you find A KID…A kid being a kid.The best part of being a kid is the effort you give the day ,for the reward of the ability to dream. IN CASE YOU FORGOT.

I wonder if people often ask Grady why he is the way he is? Why are you like that?  How do you stay so focused? What’s your secret?


I bet Grady would say something like “I don’t know, it’s just the way I am”




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