Spartanburg VS Dorman: A SHOW OF FANS

In 1989 AND 1990 Two of the most significant Hip Hop Songs were released “SELF DESTRUCTION” by STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT and “we’re all in the same gang” by The West Coast Rap All Stars.

stoptheviolencemovementselfdestruction 220px-allinthesamegang

These two recordings tried to bring awareness to violence on both the East Coast and West Coast. West Side vs East Side.Everyone should listen to these if not own both of them. The Reminders are so very relevant today.Stop Killing Each Other,Stop The Hate.WE WILL SELF DESTRUCT if we are not all IN THE SAME GANG

Spartanburg VS Dorman it has its own Westside vs Eastside aspect.The students cross paths in churches,shopping malls,hangouts and neighborhoods. Two schools battle every year for The Victory Bell. The City Championship.The differences are settled on the field.Not with guns or gangs. It may be “old-fashioned” but at least it’s better than funerals.

and just for the record..CLOWNS ARE STUPID.

Now I will step down from my soapbox and get back to something that matters on so many different levels.

I wanted to find out what individuals thought about the game and how certain aspects of the rivalry trickle down into everyday life.


Dorman Quarterback Jalen Fowler at 6’4 221 pounds has a frame that can carry the weight of this rivalry. Fowler told me,”it means a lot to me cause I have many family members that have played in it, & I’ve seen many great players play in this game, now I get my chance to really play in it.” Last Friday Night Jalen put on a clinic against Gaffney. The Dorman Leader finished with 22-28 for 301 yards, 22 carries for 68 yards, 7 total TD’s.

On the Eastside,Spartanburg WR/RB/DB/KR Damyjai Foster has a stake in this game also,”the Dorman game means a lot to me. it’s a big rival game and we are trying to keep our winning streak over them. This is going to be a good game. Dorman has an awesome team but i believe we are going to get the victory. the team and i been working hard this off week and ready to start back working on Sunday and execute the plays for next week game,” he said.foster

Spartanburg Assistant OC/WR Coach Nate Harris said,”This is the greatest rival in High School Football. As a player , I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to beat them so bad. Because I knew , we had to see them every day. In church, barber shops, Bilo, and Westgate mall.”

Harris continued,”maxresdefaultAs a Coach , I tell the kids the stories of how pack these games are. And how everyone is so involved even if they don’t like football. It’s the City , versus the county, people can’t get ANY better!! We must be us, and stick to what Coach Miller put in place and we will be alright.”

Dorman WR Eli Buckley told me that,”This game has been a huge factor in shaping me into who I am today not only as an athlete, but as a person.”

A High School Football game THAT CHANGES PEOPLES LIVES. The lessons that can be learned from participating and from watching is something truly special.You will spot the car with Dorman magnets in the middle of March.You will see that Viking Hoodie on the girl walking through West Gate Mall. It feels good to be a part of something special.Organic.Built from the ground up. Spartanburg Vs. Dorman.

2012 Game  2015 Game  (full games on video)

The fans of both teams know they are part of history every time these two teams meet.David Wilson,A long time Vikings fan said,”this game is the biggest game of the year regardless of records u can feel the vibe in the air like no other game, a must win every year, throw out the records.. it’s about bragging rights!”

“Gutshall will draw something up”,said John Greene a long time Dorman supporter.”He always seems to adjust to his talent at skill positions. I feel this year is no different Dorman wins handily.” The Confidence of Dorman fans had no problem transitioning to the kids. The 6’5 284 pound Dorman Offensive Tackle Jordan McFadden said,”It means a lot to me ! I don’t like them and they don’t like me. I just wanna remember how fun it is to play is such a big rivalry game.”

Some families feel the heat of this rivalry.Cameron Smith said,”I went to Boiling Springs, but growing up I never missed a Dorman vs SHS game! I vividly remember as a young kid it was Dorman @ SHS and the tickets were sold out! Others of my family were already in the game and I had to sneak in.. Yes, sneak in! I waited for a large group of people to go in and when the lady was taking their tickets up I just walked on in! Both sides were packed and you could barley find a spot on the hill! I wish the rivalry could fully get back to what it was then! Nothing like Dorman Vs SHS on a Friday night with both teams eyeing a region championship! Now, since I have been married it’s all about bragging rights! My wife and all her family are Dorman grads! My step daughter is a JR at Dorman and also a Varsity football cheerleader! So this is a must win or I’ll hear about it for a year!” Smith went on to say,”Offensively Yex must play well. I want to see the NW game Yex! The offense must be balanced. Running the football will be big. You don’t want to get 1 dimensional vs Dorman as they will pin their ears back and come at you! Defensively, I feel you have to stop the run and contain #21 Chase Tinsely. He’s a good back that can run and catch. He reminds me of a Darren Sproles. Small fast and quick. Keep #7 in the pocket and make him beat you throwing the ball.”

The last three games in this series have been decided by a Touchdown or less.I think most people forget that Spartanburg has been owned by the Cavaliers over the last decade. Coach David Gutshall has made it a known that the old Dorman “mental block” about Spartanburg is gone. Dorman is 12-6 against Spartanburg since 2000. Dorman only had 5 wins in the 34 years prior. Gutshall has 15 wins against Spartanburg. I’m not sure there’s another Coach with that many wins against the Vikings. It makes for a great foundation to support this rivalry for years to come.

b3tz36usSpartanburg Principal Jeff Stevens said,”It doesn’t get any better than this week in high school sports. I have been a part of this rivalry as a student, coach, administrator, and now as a parent. It brings the community together like none other and gives bragging rights to the winner for the entire year.” He added, “The Spartanburg- Dorman rivalry brings a different level of excitement to the entire week of school building up to the big game on Friday evening. Go Vikings!!”


Dorman Cheerleaders get into the rivalry as well,Brie Worthy, Class of 2018 explained to me about the activities throughout the week at Dorman,”This week is a big week at Dorman. We play our rivalry, Spartan High. As I grew up, all I knew was beat Spartan High. All my family members are Dorman alums, so they are all Dorman fans as well. My stepdad is a former Vikings coach, he coach last year. There are always arguments in the family over who’s better, so during football season, my family gets a little crazy! During this week at school, we have fun!” Brie continued,”We do a theme for each day: Monday: ‘Merica Day Tuesday: Camo Day Wednesday: Frat Day Thursday: Hawaiian Day Friday: Farmer Day In the middle of the week, we have a zoo outside the school, and everybody goes out at once and hangout during 2nd block. On Friday, we are having a pep rally. We all come together in the arena and have fun at the end of the day. This week is usually a fun week! I always look forward to it!”

igaxdgn4_400x400Cavalier cheerleader Natalie Lopez added,”The tension between Dorman and Spartan high is pretty high and I think that’s what makes it an exciting week. Farmers week is definitely one to remember.” Lopez added,”As a cheerleader I have never been able to experience the student section before, but as I view it from the field it seems like a blast, especially on a game like this. Overall, cheering on the sideline is an unforgettable experience, especially for a rival game like this one.”

596277Spartanburg Vikings Play by Play announcer Ryan Clary of FOX 1400AM SPARTANBURG  shared his thoughts on calling big games such as these, the overall rivalry and the game this week,”One of my favorite things I do all year is call games on Friday nights and when Spartanburg and Dorman get together, it’s extra special. The crowd is more into it, the players always have a bounce in their step, the wins are sweeter and the loses sting more.” Ryan continued,”I remember my first Spartanburg – Dorman game back in 2003. It was so crowded that Jessica (wife) and I watched the game from behind a tree on opposite sides. There wasn’t even a place to sit on the hill. When the crowds are that big and everyone is into it, and it’s Friday night, the hardest part is not getting too worked up to early in the call. It’s a great problem to have.” “It’s a huge honor to be the voice of the Vikings. One of the great parts is being able to call this game every year. I can’t wait for Friday night.”As for this Friday Night Clary added, “I would say the Vikings need to attack down field consistently. Spartanburg is at their best when the WRs are getting down field and Dorman’s defense has struggled at times defending 15, 20, and 30 yards down the field. Take some chances and don’t get predictable when you do so.”

Former Dorman Standout and current Stanford Cardnial JJ Arcega-Whiteside said,”To me that’s the biggest game of the year, two powerhouse South Carolina football teams going at it from the same city. It’s a big deal for the community as well because everyone’s eyes in Spartanburg will be tuned in for this game and because of that.. it made the games so much fun and exciting that you have no choice but to perform at a high level. Regardless of each teams records or rankings”

SO FRIDAY NIGHT 10,000 plus will fill Cavalier Stadium.The sun will set on history once again.A new chapter will be written.New Heroes.New Heartaches.After the dust settles,the people involved will return to intertwining their lives with each other. Eastside and Westside will once again come together to talk smack and shake hands. The Spartanburg Vs. Dorman  rivalry is a vital part of this city and county.

So it comes down to this.It’s game week for the best rivalry in the state of South Carolina. We have the history.The games.The Players.The Coaches.The communities. But most of all…this rivalry has THE FANS.


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