{{{{I found this online,stashed away in some was such a good read.I thought I would share with all the Spartanburg Fans.I do not know who wrote this,but if you do..tell them thanks for the walk down memory lane.}}}}

If you dont know who Brian Wofford is,then click here


“I went to high school with Brian. He was a year ahead of me. We weren’t friends, but the interactions I did have with him were always pleasant and cordial. In fact, the only unpleasant experience I ever had with him was when we played football together in junior high. During a drill, he knocked the ever living crap out of me with a good, clean hit. Of course, by then I already knew he was destined to be an athlete and I was just a wannabe.

But my favorite moment, and one that I will never forget, came on that Friday in October of 1994. I was a sophomore and he was a junior. It was a teacher workday, so my friends and I went out to Red Fox to play paintball before heading out to the big Spartanburg vs. Dorman game.

Oh yeah. That game. THE game as far as the history between these two schools is concerned. Spartanburg was undefeated and ranked #1 in the state. Dorman was also unbeaten and ranked #3. The game at Dorman was a sellout with 10,000+. We had bought our tickets two weeks in advance.

The two teams couldn’t have been more different offensively. Gutshall’s Cavalier offense liked to air it out. Spartanburg and Doc Davis pounded it on the ground with RB Tee Sims. From the start of the game until late in the fourth quarter, both team fought neck and neck. If one scored, the other answered.

The atmosphere was the most electric I’ve witnessed for a regular season high school game. Our seats were right on the 10 yard line of one end. As the game wound down into the final minute, and the Vikings and Cavaliers tied at 24, we had a front row seat to Dorman’s long pass (probably about 50 yards) for the go ahead score with 32 seconds remaining.

Toilet paper rolls rained down from the Dorman stands. Their students were already running to the fence. Spartanburg fans began to trickle out towards the exits. Everyone knew it was over. No way Spartanburg’s ground-and-pound offense could produce a quick touchdown.

But in Dorman fans’ elation and Spartanburg fans’ heartache, few people paid attention to that extra point–and a certain fella at linebacker named Anthony Simmons breaking through the line to block the PAT. Dorman 30, Spartanburg 24.

We took the ball on the kickoff to about our own 30. From there, Doc Davis made three ballsy calls–three running plays. And we took it down to their own 39 yard line. Seven seconds left.

It was hard to see from our seats. All we could make out was QB Rodney Woodruff rolling out of the pocket towards the Dorman sideline, then he chunked the ball towards the end zone. A mass of gold, white, navy, and baby blue swarmed into the air. And then silence throughout the stadium.

We students started to hang our heads. But slowly, coming down the other end of the visiting stands, among the fans who stayed until the end, you heard a cry getting louder and louder:

“… caught…. caught it…. he caught it…. HE CAUGHT IT!!!”

“Going crazy” are probably not the right words to describe how we teenagers acted at that moment. You could have heard a mouse break wind in the home stands. Game tied at 30.

Spartanburg’s kicker Brian McClure came onto the field. The PAT looked as routine as any other until it sailed through the uprights and his teammates tackled him.

There weren’t enough sheriff’s deputies in all of Spartanburg County to keep us off that field.

Spartanburg 31, Dorman 30.

On Monday, they extended homeroom to show the final minute of the game on all the classroom TVs. For the first time, I got to see the source of our jubilation.

When Rodney Woodruff threw that pass, he actually overthrew it slightly. The leaping mass of Vikings and Cavaliers could not quite reach the ball. One player, however, wearing number 25 and gold and white, hung in the back of the pack. He leaped backwards, his body practically horizontal to the ground, and he extend his hands. Just before it sailed out of bounds, Brian Wofford’s fingertips snagged the football, and both of his feet touched the back of the end zone.

I doubt I’ll see a better football play in my lifetime. I doubt I’ll want to.

Thanks, Brian, for the memories, and all you did for Spartanburg and for Clemson.”

AUTHOR— Unknown


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  1. I remember being at this game. My brother and i were with the others who left the stadium after Dorman scored. We couldn’t bare watching the last 30 some seconds tick down because we knew the game was over.By the time we got to the top parking we heard a loud roar!! We started gripping about how the Vikings should not have loss that game. Then we heard someone yell they scored. Then more people starting yelling they scored. The next thing i know my brother and i along with hundreds of fans started running back to the stadium. By the time we got to the fence the extra point was sailing through the goal post. That was the greatest TD i never got to see by the Spartanburg Vikings.


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