In 1994 Brian Wofford caught a Hail Mary from Rodney Woodruff to tie Dorman at 30-30.

Spartanburg won 31-30..The extra point came from Brian McClure.

Brian was nice enough to tell us his story from that night. Thank You Brian for being a true Viking and keeping Tampa Warm.

“That was a special team we had in 1994. Yes we had a lot of talent, but more importantly we meshed well and had a hunger to win. That season will always be remembered as the first time The Vikings went undefeated AND won the State Championship. Admittedly one the best teams in the entire state that year just happened to be our biggest rival – Dorman. What a magical year, when city rivals just happen to be the best teams in the state. The energy before the game was incredible.


I’ll never forget the police escort across town into Dorman…the stadium was packed, people were everywhere, cars were lining the streets. You could just tell this was not going to be a regular game. It was an incredible back and forth game and we were leading with just a couple minutes left to play. But Dorman scored to go up 30-24 in the last minute of the 4th quarter. Admittedly our sideline sunk. We couldn’t believe it. Are we going to lose?! That’s not what we do. For some reason I got angry and started walking up and down the sideline yelling, we’re going to score, we’re going to score! I have no clue why I did that. I don’t know if I was subconsciously trying to talk to myself or if I really had that much faith.

All I know is I trusted Rodney Woodruff and crew to drive us down the field. We had an offense that was built for this and could handle adversity. As you know, that’s exactly what happened. With no time left on the clock Brian Wofford caught the Hail-Mary pass in the right corner of the end zone. The score is now tied 30-30 with no time on the clock. It’s time to kick the extra point. (Let me step back for a second and say that one of our assistant coaches was always nice to hold my kicking tee and kicking block. Don’t ask me why, it was just one of those sports rituals that we never broke. I knew where it would be and anytime “kicking unit” was called upon I knew the coach would be right beside me. In the mass hysteria of the last minute the assistant coach was walking back to the locker room or press box. I don’t remember which.)

So that brings us to this moment of madness where we’ve tied the game but have to kick the extra point to win. “Kicking unit” is being yelled out by the coaches and I tell Coach Davis I don’t have the kicking block. In a brief 20 seconds so much is being yelled, where is the block?!, how do you kick it?! I tell coach I can just kick it off the ground. You have to understand that in those days the high school fields were usually in really bad shape where extra points were kicked. There were usually big divots/holes there. So it wasn’t that easy to kick off the ground on most high school fields. So I quickly start strategizing that I’ll want the ball placed slightly left of center and placed just left of the divot so I have a more level field. As we’re about to run on the field for the kick, the assistant coach runs out with the kicking block and throws it to me. Crisis averted, we now how a level/stable place to kick from. I blanked my mind and just thought, kick the ball when you see it and keep your head down. I remember being smothered and couldn’t breathe. It felt like minutes, but was probably only 30 crazy seconds I was at the bottom of the pile of the entire football team. It was pure pandemonium. Final score 31-30. There were hugs, tears, laughs. Lots of sports reporters and interviews. It was a surreal moment for a 17 year old kid. To anyone that witnessed it, that one game will always be remembered as one of the best games ever in the history of Spartanburg football.

My prediction for this years game??…regulation ends in a tie 28-28.

Vikings win in OT 34-28 –

Brian McClure

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  1. I stated in another post that the TD Brian Wofford caught for the Spartanburg Vikings was the greatest TD i never got to see. Well that extra point i did get to see was the greatest extra point by the Spartanburg Vikings!!


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