In a crowded,deep backfield number 22 may stand a few Gold Helmets behind the others.An often overlooked,important part to the Spartanburg Vikings Rushing attack is junior Running Back Jarel Long.The 5’10 190 pound bulldozer who is averaging just under 4 yards per carry has given Vikings fans some tough runs and a glimpse of the future. While his future plans after high school are to play college football, if that doesn’t work out he would like to be a computer engineer . AS OF RIGHT NOW,The Immediate Future..Jarel Long has…

Unfinished Business.


Unfinished Business is the second album from Hip Hop duo EPMD. Released August 1, 1989, the album built upon the success of the group’s previous album Strictly Business, which was released the previous year. The lead single, “So Wat Cha Sayin’,” was the only charting single released from the album. In 1998 the album was selected as one of The Source‘s 100 Best Rap Albums[2] and, in 2005, was ranked #7 on comedian Chris Rock‘s Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums of all-time list for Rolling Stone magazine.[3] It was the second album from the group to hit #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.The album was certified Gold by the RIAA on October 16, 1989. 

As with most of these themes for articles..You should at the very least lend your ears to the skills above.,After all..They did it for you.

 now back to Jarel Long…..WE ALMOST MISSED OUT…


“Most people don’t know this about me but, last year when I had some injuries during football season I wanted to stop playing because I got frustrated”, Long said. “I kept working to come back because I love the game of football.” Jerel continued,”people who told me I wouldn’t be any good after some injuries are being proved wrong. I run hard to show them I can do it because I kept working.They motivated me to overcome my injuries”

Jarel told me how his family stepped up when he was getting down on himself,”My dad has been the most important person to me dealing with football,He kept me going.Long added,”Also,my Mom has helped me with some things, dealing with taking care of my myself during injuries.They both were there for me”

I sit on Friday Nights,I watch every play.I want to see Jarel Long run the ball.I want to see that glimpse into the future.It’s like stealing a moment to watch him power through a tackle and gain 5 yards.

Sometimes I think even though the “world” is expected from some teenagers,in that same breath not enough credit is given to them.Giving in to what’s ever “under your bed” at nite dosen’t make trying times go away.It’s a tough thing to be a kid. It’s a tough thing to be a kid who plays high school football,especially in our area. I can’t imagine working through injuries, the mental stress,school and everything else that goes along with being a young man in 2016..I guess it’s true that you must work hard to play hard. There’s no doubt that hard work has and will pay off for Jarel. I believe Jarel loves to play hard…AND DOSENT MIND THE WORK HARD PART SO MUCH ANYMORE.

 Jarel and his family know he has Unfinished Business. 

I know he has another whole football season to do it.

and I couldn’t be more thankful I get to witness it.

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