Tyshun Sarratt was born in Blacksburg, SC and was in Gaffney . The 6’3 176 pound Junior Quarterback knows that football is somewhat of an inherently dominating trait.

On the season Sarratt has completed 133 of 229, for 1887 yards. He has thrown 19 touchdowns with only 7 interceptions. Tyshun is averaging 210 yards per game and has added on 79 rush attempts for 266 yards.


I would definitely say that football is something in may have inherited from the hallowed grounds he walks upon. There’s no doubt about it Cherokee County tends to produce football players.

Last week was Gaffney was put into an unfamiliar situation.There were facing not making the playoffs for the first time since 1977.They had beat a Brynes team that had been gritty at times this year. Throughout the defensive struggle Tyshun kept his cool and muscled out a 21-17 win at Nixon Field. He engineered a late scoring drive that put Gaffney in the lead for good.

“My favorite college quarterback is Deshaun Watson from Clemson and my favorite NFL quarterback is Cam Newton from Carolina”,Sarratt said when i asked him about his on the field role models. “They seem very passionate about what they do and how they do it,that is something i strive to be better at in both aspects.”

After high school Tyshun plans on attending a 4 year college to play football and to study sports management.

Tyshun Sarratt Season Highlights

When I spoke with him about the upcoming season finale against Spartanburg,Sarratt was quick to let me know he understood the “huge-ness” of this game. “The tradition of Spartanburg and Gaffney goes deep down the line” . He continued,”It’s always a hard-fought game every time Gaffney and Spartanburg play each other.We are both young and highly talented teams so this years match up should be good.”

The 6-3 Indians,1-2 in region play have had  to overcome their own battles much like Spartanburg.”The toughest part of this season has been facing adversity,the highs and lows on the field,the mental mistakes,the big wins and the ones I feel like got away from us.” Tyshun then added,”our coaches and fans ground us pretty quick,they have been right there to show us how to correct anything we do wrong and they show us how to better capitalize on things we are doing right.”

Tyshun who is known to be a clown of shorts in the locker room wants to make sure people don’t mistake that for other than what it is…Joking..”One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m a huge clown , I always joke and play around with my teammates but when it’s time to focus , I focus.

I got feeling this friday Tyshun Sarratt will be focused on Spartanburg.

thanks for taking the time  we will see you friday


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