Born in  Marysville, Ohio..Jaiden Clayton  started playing football at 5 years old. He moved to Gaffney two years ago.”When I was younger I played in youth championship games for football, basketball and baseball,Clayton said speaking of his youth.”My step dad has been my coach through out my life, so I owe a lot to him. I also have two older brothers that played football and one went on to play in college. My mom and sisters are my biggest fans, so my motto has always been Faith, Family, Football.


The 6’2 220 pound Middle Linebacker for Gaffney is simply put..A beast.A North/South All Star selection,Jaiden has racked up some impressive numbers. On the season Clayton has 78 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 6 punt blocks. “Last year I wrestled for the first time and qualified for the upper states in the 220lb weight class. I was 1 match away from making STATE.”

If Spartanburg fans ever wondered what it would be like to play against Connor Shugart..Friday Night you may get to see dueling Linebackers.Both Players are leading the region in tackles.

Jaiden Clayton Highlights

“I’ve had a lot of  very important milestones in my life but none of them could compare to last weeks game. That was the most important game of my life”,Jaiden said of the Byrnes game.” We were in a win or your out situation. It was a very hard-fought game and in the end we came out victorious.”


When I asked Jaiden about the upcoming Spartanburg game he said,”The game coming up this week versus Spartanburg is going to be a tough one. They have a great team and are coached very well. If we win this one it moves us up for the seeding in the playoffs.”

It is also a special night for a lot of Gaffney Players,Cheerleaders and Band memebers. This Friday is Gaffney Senior Night. “This will be my senior night and will be the last time I walk out of that tunnel with the thousands of screaming fans on our home turf this season.”

It’s kind of humbling in a way.You know to know one end starts a new challenge. Humbling may not be the right word.Satisfying? to a degree? maybe. Either way Jaiden Clayton has a bright future ahead of him,”I plan to further my football career in football and major in physical education, so that I can eventually be a football coach myself!”

Who knows maybe in some not too distant future we will see Jaiden Clayton on the sidelines of The Reservation on a diffrent level.


Thanks to Jaiden and Gaffney Football for the help..


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