Spartanburg vs. Clover: As Long As I Sit With David…

Friday Night November 18,2016 will mark a first. The first week of Class 5A Playoffs in the history of our great state, South Carolina. The Spartanburg High School Vikings (7-3) will host The Clover Blue Eagles (6-4) in what has the potential to be one of the best first round games of the night.The Blue eagles will bring 2,000 yard plus Wing-T Option rushing attack into Gibbs Stadium for only the second time ever.In 2011, Spartanburg defeated Clover 55-0 after failing to the Blue Eagles the previous season 23-7.

Spartanburg enters the playoffs as a #2 seed and should we win, will face the winner of the LAURENS/WOODMONT matchup. Spartanburg is looking to somewhat redeem themselves from last years playoff exit.


Clover started the season with five straight wins..Three against North Carolina competition; Ashbrook, Forestveiw and South Point before recording victories over Franklin Christian and York.The lone Region win came against Rock Hill.Clover has not won a Playoff game since a 2008 49-32 versus Mauldin and have not won a road playoff game since A.C. FLORA in 2005. All of that mindset changed this season..the history slate was wiped clean.


Spartanburg Vikings Damyjai Foster spoke of the playoffs,”I am very excited to back in the playoffs”, he said. “This is the best part about football but I also know that we have to work hard. It’s either win or go home and these last few weeks we have been working in the weight room and outside on the field to be absolutely ready for this friday.”

Lord knows I’m ready..these bye weeks have driven me crazy.I hate hurricanes.

Foster continued,”Clover is a good team and they love to run they ball and that’s what we have been working on a lot, I feel like we’ve really been studying them and the way our Defensive line and Linebackers have been playing, I know we will do an awesome job against them and get the win!”

 Nicolas Sciba, a Junior who handles all the kicking duties for Clover is excited for his teammates and coaches to be back in the playoffs,”It is the first playoff game for our school since 2010 and I think it just reflects all the hard work that we have put into this season and how much we are willing to give to keep the season going.”  Sciba who is originally from Gastonia moved to Clover in the 6th grade and started playing football and kicking in the 7th grade has been playing ever since.He also helps coach the Clover Middle Soccer team with his Father.


On the season Nicolas is  32 of 49 touchbacks ,He has a 60 yard average kickoff. Sciba has a Punt average of  41 yards with 10 inside the 20… 5 out of 7 field goals with a long of 38 and is 18 out of 20 on extra points with only two blocked. Not only can he kick he also is volunteer for Special Olympics and is involved heavily in his church.”Family defines my team this year, we have had a great year”,he continued,”the family bond definitely reflects our mentality when we step out on to the field.”

Nicolas Sciba Highlights

“All of our coaches have been extremely helpful with everyone this season as well. They each push us individually as well as a team to give our best. I love that we made it to the playoffs this year.”

Vikings Linebacker Connor Shugart said,”We are very excited, we have worked this whole year to get to where we are now.”


I couldn’t agree more.I also have worked the whole year to get here with all of you.The Spartanburg Faithful. We all are right where we are supposed to be. Never doubt that.


The first week of playoffs.It’s almost a rite of passage.We break our new shirts.We call old friends and try to talk them into meeting us at the game. We text friends with messages like,”u heard anything?”. We watch the 2011 CLOVER GAME in some hopes it helps us win this game,5 years later. Should we go to Wades before the game? or Miami Subs after? Playoff decisions are tough. Tough Times demand Tough Talk..Of course I can ramble forever even though I seldom ever talk,go figure that.

So much to say..I don’t know where to begin

All I know long as I sit with David,WE WILL WIN.

Spartanburg 31   Clover 16

Thanks to Nicolas Sciba and the entire CLOVER BLUE EAGLES FOOTBALL TEAM





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