Playoffs Version 3.0: Dorman at Spartanburg- THE KINGS OF STRONG STYLE


Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

                                                                                                                                         —Sun Tzu

Sometimes things are meant to be. A birth in the Upper State Championship Game will be on the line this Friday Night as Coach David Gutshall brings the Dorman Cavaliers into Gibbs Stadium to face our beloved Spartanburg Vikings and Coach Chris Miller


How fitting is it to have a huge rival game,with even more on the line than a region championship? The season is  at stake when you meet for a second time on the gridiron. I personally think it fits like a glove. While on the surface it may fit like a glove.Games like this..a rematch..a rival..have to be handled with “kid gloves”.

You can’t just go out and assume you will win again.

Spartanburg is 5-3 all time against Dorman in Playoffs. The last meeting was the 1999 4A Division-I SEMI FINALS.. Dorman won 27-20. The previous meeting was the 1994 State Championship at Death Valley ,The vikings won 24-17. Spartanburg has averaged 19.8 points versus the 14.7 that Dorman has averaged in the playoff series.

This 2016 playoff run for both teams has Dorman scoring an average of 33 points per game while giving up 24 points against Nation Ford and Westside respectively. Spartanburg is scoring 39 points thru the playoffs per game while giving up 23 points with victories over Clover and Laurens.

So if history or the current playoff trends continue…this should be another close game.Another great game.Just another thing to make this rivalry great.



Dorman Safety Dalton Worthy said,”Last week against Westside we played a great full 4 quarter game. Coach Gutshall told us before the game that it was gonna be a 4 quarter dog fight! We prepared all week for a 4 quarter game. This week we’re facing a good Spartanburg team that we have already faced this season and we’re looking forward to playing them again and expect a great game.”


The Vikings Outside Linebacker Jay Rice(who had 8.5 tackles against Laurens) said,”This game is definitely a huge one for us, especially being against our biggest rival. We’re very excited to be playing Dorman but we’re still going to take this like any game of the year.”

bnijqwpmHe continued,”It’s always hard to beat a time twice a year, especially against your biggest rival. We’re going to lock in this week and study our film, and I promise we will be ready. Get ready for a show.”
In the regular season meeting Dorman managed to score 21 points in the 1st half and Dorman Quarterback Jalen Fowler finished 19-32 for 259 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.Fowler was held to 10 yards Rushing on 17 attempts.On the season Jalen has over 2800 yards passing,more than 600 yards rushing and a combined 40 touchdowns. Dorman Running Back Marcus Ratchford had 104 yards on 17 carries. The Cavaliers leading tackler was Tyrelle Earles who had 11 tackles. On the Flipside of that Spartanburg rushed for 169 yards led by Ladarius Jones 115 yards.William Yex was 14-24 for 184 yards and 3 touchdowns.The Viking defense had 54 tackles,2 interceptions,2 fumble recoveries and held Dorman scoreless the second half.
Spartanburg assistant OC and Wide Receivers Coach Nate Harris spoke about the second meeting,”When playing a team twice, it makes your mind wonder. After the first game dust settles, you think “shoulda coulda woulda”. On Saturdays, I played the game over a millions of times. This rematch is going to be a dog fight. A lot of emotions, and the whole city will be out to see it. We just have to stay hungry like we have been all year… And it will work its self out.”
Dorman WR/RB/DB Zack Hillstock Jr said,”We have to attack everyday in practice , study hard in film and play like your hair is on fire Friday night.Spartan High is a very good team on both sides of the ball.. and it’s gonna be a good one Friday”
I often wonder if other parts of the state envy the quality of football in the upstate. The four teams playing this friday night can beat anyone in the state. It’s not bragging. It’s a fact,backed up by history and the 2016 playoff bracket.
The Lower State Bracket has Fort Dorchester(11-1) hosting Conway(8-4) and White Knoll (8-4) visiting (12-0) Dutch Fork.The South Carolina High School League by terminating cross bracketing has insured that a lower state team will be in the finals.No matter who emerges from the Lower Tourney,I doubt very seriously any of them are thrilled with prospect of playing Boiling Springs,Dorman,Gaffney or Spartanburg. It’s no Fluke.. That our region, Region III-5A has went undefeated two weeks in a row during the playoffs.It’s a shame that we have to play each other again before the games at Williams – Brice Stadium in a few weeks.
So this Friday at Gibbs Stadium Spartanburg will host Dorman. A new chapter in a storied Battle. A new level.Playoffs done Strong Style. If I’m not mistaken…


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