Playoffs Version 4.0:The Upper State Championship-Spartanburg @ Boiling Springs


It didn’t take me long this morning to realize what I was gonna write about this morning.I was sitting outside on my patio,having a smoke(yea,i know).I listened to the cold rain fall against my stepping-stones and windchimes.It played a dirge of sorts.One that proclaimed the beginning of the end. There is hopefully two more games left in this season. There is also the realization that it could very well be one. One game or two. Oh,what a vicious cycle this is. Football never seems to last long enough. I love other sports,but there seasons always seem too long with a few exceptions. It seems like only a few weeks ago I was at WOODRUFF SHOWCASE watching Spartanburg and Chapman. D.J. Twitty showed a early audience things he would accomplish this season for Chapman. Spartanburg showed us the competitive drive to make plays in big situations. “We are gonna be alright”..i thought.Then I would look at the schedule..

Summerville,Hanna,Etowah,Union,Northwestern,Westside,Byrnes,Dorman,Boiling Springs and Gaffney. Are we gonna be alright?

Just how good are we gonna be? I wasn’t sure. I knew for a fact that the Losses to Etowah and Northwestern were games we could have won by a touchdown or more.We were a couple of plays away from being 8-0 heading into the Boiling Springs game. Watching Spartanburg lose to Boiling Springs was a tough loss to swallow..Did overtime take any of the sting out of it? Nope.not for me.I,like many other Viking fans wanted that game bad.The loss to the Bulldogs the previous year was still on our minds. So leaving Gibbs Stadium that night I definitely knew who this team was .This Team,The 2016 Spartanburg Vikings at 10-3 Are the Best Team in Region 3-5A. I personally think Region 3-5A is the best region in the state.Therefore, using my ‘totally logical deduction system”… SPARTANBURG IS THE BEST TEAM IN THE STATE. A loss won’t take that away from me and a Victory will only further validate my beliefs. The experts picked us to finish 4-6. So I Have every right to proclaim my Vikings the best in the state.


I have watched this team mature and improve like no other Viking team I’ve seen in years.The Running Back  Position is finally producing around 150 a game the last few games.Ladarius Jones,Jarel Long,Kam Robinson,Eric Rice,Damyjai Foster have all make the Running Back by Committe system work.I don’t always understand the rushing gameplan by I’ll give  Coach Rick Scott credit.It’s working. Quarterback William Yex has passed for 3,000 yards,thrown minimal Interceptions and overall has managed the games very well. There’s some mistakes here and there but I’m sure most everybody reading this will make some kind of mistake today.Will Lawson and the kicking game has improved especially on Kick offs.The Wide receivers and Coach Nate Harris have been out of sight. Romain Kelly,Josh Johnson,Tommy Washington,Eric Rice and Damyjai Foster are making the most of the 261 yards per game the group is averaging. Grady Thomas and Jackson Eubanks ,the anchors of an Offensive Line, that isn’t great but does what it does very well. Spartanburg defense,while still giving up a big play now and then has played excellent most of the year,especially considering they have been on the field for an eternity it seems this season. Players like Connor Shugart,Thompson Rudolph and Duke Byrd. B.J.Roseburgh and Jay Rice. Satorian Mobley and Ayele Jeter. These are all players who deserve to be where they are this Friday Night.I wish I could name them all.The Cheerleaders.The Band.The administration.

And they deserve to have our undivided attention.


I could have very easily written a bunch of bulletin points about stats and the rematch and how the first game was a fantastic matchup. But I didn’t. I didn’t because I knew I would have a favor to ask of you,all of you. Boiling Springs and Spartanburg. The favor is..I want you to make yourself a memory. A memory you can one day pass along to another dreamer like yourself.You know that kid inside you that dreams of the winning touchdown.

The reason I am telling you all this is because I want you to one day be able to tell someone about Friday December the 9th,2016.The Night Spartanburg played Boiling Springs for the Upper State Championship. On that night you got to see Damyjai Foster and Mason Streeter on the same field.You saw Ayele Jeter battle the huge Boiling Springs Line. You saw Coach Chris Miller and the halftime adjustment. You saw Boiling Springs Coach Tate open the entire playbook.You saw Romain Kelly have a career night and Will Brown seem unstoppable. The night you couldn’t decide between Copper River or Wade’s. The Night Ryan Clary blew a vocal chord.The Night Sheriff Chuck Wright bought you a Hot Dog at Concessions.It was the Upper State Championship..One of the Greatest games ever played in Spartanburg County..Will You be able to tell that story of that Cold December Night.


Will you be able to make someone else a memory? Will you be able to dream just one more time.? Will you finally let your inner kid,be a kid? To look from underneath that baseball cap with that wild eyed excitement and say,”I WAS THERE”.


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