FOLKLORE: Brave Fists & Bloody Knuckles

As always when you want to write as much as possible,time doesn’t always lend it’s hands for help. For the past few months while Football has laid somewhat dormant in the back of my mind,I’ve caught up on music,books,television,basketball,pro wrestling and all those usually boring guilty pleasures of mine. While I’m not about to start a book club..I would like to recommend to Viking fans and readers alike…  THE DISCOVERY OF THE RUNES

Sometimes you need to learn the folklore of old to dream of the tales of the future.



The new schools.The new direction of the school district and the communities that make Spartanburg High are something I’m not sure exists at all High Schools in the area.THE REBUIDING?? feels like a new level of power and confidence.  I understand every school has support, but this feels a little bit special.It may be because it has taken so long for Spartanburg to finally get a “Home”.

There is so much I want to write about.So much I want to do.I want to write articles on the new stadium.I hope to write pieces on Damyjai Fosters 3 td Night against Summerville this August..But I can’t.I have to wait.I have to let the season come to me, I can’t let myself get ahead of me..if that makes any sense?

My brain drives me crazy.I want to write articles about things that I don’t even know yet? Go figure. Bipolar. OCD. Whatever it is?..and it is those things.

…you’ll get a front row seat..

So this year,I hope to write stories you will read and enjoy as much as you did last season. I hope to include a lot more video. I hope to meet new fans,players,parents,and coaches who don’t mind sharing their stories. Plus,I still have to come up with a way to top the hip hop album themes of last season.

I’m so ready for spring practice,The 7on7 tourneys. The Gold Helmets.The Brave Fists and The Bloody Knuckles….The Viking Way.

So again a huge thank you to everyone that has read our Viking Blog,Please continue to spread the word,through the hallways of SHS to your water cooler at work. Thanks!!!

more soon…





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