As Spring Practices approach the style becomes substance and the substance becomes style. The first signs of preparation and execution are examined. The tweaks begin shake off the rust…and flaws begin to rear their oh so ugly head.
Football is close.
Spring practices,7 on 7 tournaments and scrimmages are on the agenda for the next 3 months.
Spartanburg Head Coach Chris Miller is no stranger to football being close. For Him,I would imagine Football is 365 days a year in some capacity or form. Does He ponder of a weak side blitz  scheme while he’s having a morning Coffee?? Probably. Then again, He may not drink coffee. As often noted,I can ramble. Remember,People are fake,wrestling is real. My apologies for those who I drag along these long winding mental roads.
You are welcome to let that above statement sink in.Re-read it. It’s 100% Fact.
He’s Chris Miller. 155 WINS. 5 State Titles. The Game.The Cerebral Assassin.
“We, as a staff are looking for 2nd and 3rd string guys”, when I asked him what he looks for the most during the spring session. “putting the right guys in places and making sure we have backups.” Miller continued,”We want to be two or three deep”.
Spartanburg will be returning around 14 starters (by my best guess) the majority of the defense and almost everyone at skill positions. This is where the evaluation process of coaching comes into play. It’s also where Chris Miller and The Spartanburg staff shine.
“Trying to figure strength and weaknesses so we can prepare thru the summer,that’s a big aspect of it,” Miller said.”We feel good about our younger players coming up to the varsity this season!” When I asked him about how much of the spring practices are devoted to preparing for The Summer 7 on 7 Passing Tournaments he replied,”Our offense is based on throwing the ball so everything we do on offense is related to 7 on 7, our offense doesn’t change in that aspect!”
As far as Staff changes Spartanburg did lose Defensive Backs Coach Brandon Turner but Coach Miller said he hopes to fill that position very soon.
All of this news has got the Viking Fans excited. When you have a great school district and new schools in the very near future.We have great coaches and school staff who contribute something of substance to the lives of young men. So the style of Viking Football may have changed over the last 4 decades a few times. It didn’t take me long to realize there was substance in every style. Every Style had Substance.
When things procreate and reciprocate and you tend to end up with a by-product of substance… I believe it in that. It’s a grand design. It’s hard to spot the real thing every once in a while. It’s a tangible attribute that is directly attributed to the both the style and substance. The Blue and Gold. The Viking Way. Armor and Sword.

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