Connor Shugart & Romain Kelly: The Leaders of Men

“As a unit we have to work on finishing games this year”,said Romain Kelly. The Spartanburg Wide Receiver while excited about the upcoming season knows how easily can slip away. The losses last season are all examples of games being unfinished.


“We have guys that will replace the seniors that are leaving. ” Romain continued,”Coach Harris says “we don’t rebuild,we reload”,that’s the way I approach it as well. There is a lot of excitement for this upcoming season , I have big plans for this year its my last year and I want to put the team on my back and take them very far and until we can all smile when we put those blue and gold rings on!”

Romain doesn’t lack confidence. He doesn’t lack skill either. The 6’3 193 pound rising senior had over 900 yards and 7 touch downs his junior season on a team that typically would spread the ball to 5 or 6 guys a game. All of that says to me,he needs to get the ball more.

You can watch his junior year highlights here



“So we have been lifting weights since the season ended. We are working hard in the weight room and classroom. We have grown closer together as a team. The group of guys coming back I think is very special. Very hard working and dedicated.”

The above statement should be words you dream of rolling off the tongue of one of your team leaders. Connor Shugart is that team leader, The 6’0 205 pound Linebacker is chomping at the bit to get on the gridiron.

“We have been reading a book in the class called “The Energy Bus”. It is very good and helps with problems that we have had in the past.”.

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

When I asked Connor about his recruiting he said,”The recruiting process for me is going pretty good I would say. I have talked to many schools recently Duke, App State, Navy, Wofford, Furman, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion, Elon, Columbia, JMU and Dartmouth.”

Some schools told Connor he needed to gain weight,so in this off-season he bulked up to over 200 pounds with more to go. Connor seems driven enough to do what is asked of him. Hopefully a college will do the same. Give a Football Player,Student and a deserving kid a scholarship based off of more than how much he weighs.  I mean he is the Defensive Player of the Year and the best Linebacker in the state.

What seems like a no brainer to me? Must be on another level to scouts.

I’m just a fan.  As a fan,i enjoy a good body slam every now and then

“I have been waiting for a long time now. I can’t wait to see what we have for next year.I think I will be playing more “mike” linebacker this year,” Shugart went on to speak of team mates, “we have a couple new guys coming that I’m excited about. DL Nick Dixon and DB Chris Manning. Chris is one of the hardest working freshman I have seen! I think he will be completing for a position at safety or another defensive back position”


Romain Kelly and Connor Shugart are the battle.They are The Viking Way. They place the weight of the world upon their shoulders.

I think that qualifies them as THE LEADERS OF MEN

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