100 Nights from right now I’ll be standing in Memorial Stadium , looking at John McKissick Field with eyeballs that dance between the yard lines,side lines and the play on the field….at Summerville High School.


Memorial Stadium, Summerville High

Inside the circle of lofty Live Oaks,The stadium is the standard of what you would expect in a Southern town in the lower state of South Carolina that loves high school football. In 1948 it cost a whopping $20,000 dollars to build. The two-story press box is one of the better ones in the state. In 2008, more than $150,000 in improvements were made, including a video board/scoreboard. It’s estimated capacity is 10,000.


Spartanburg is coming to Summerville. A place where we have only won,Once. The Green Wave have a rare distinction of being one of the few teams in the state with a winning record against the Vikings.

Summerville leads the series 7-4


Spartanburg did win its last trip to ” THE HOUSE THAT BIG JOHN BUILT” in 2012. A 1st round playoff game,43-34.

In 1982 & 84 …We lost two state championship games to them also. (that stings to say out loud,its good that I’m writing)

The College and Professional Football players that have stood on this field through the years is basically endless. The amount of Home Wins is staggering. Former(and I’ll throw in Iconic) Coach John McKissick gained his 500th career victory on Sept. 10, 2003, when Summerville beat Wando, 34-17.


100 Nights from now I will more than likely think back to “it was a 100 nights ago tonight that you wrote that 100 nights thing”. That’s how my madness works.  It’s both an honor and a challenge to concede from a fans standpoint…WE ARE THE UNDERDOG. Even if your favored,you just are not supposed to beat Summerville at Memorial Stadium.

I as a fan also have a belief. It is very biased in its blue & gold color. It says to me that Spartanburg is the best high school in the state. You can give out awards and championships,but to me..There’s no other school I could ever imagine my kids graduating from. It is a birthright in its own way…wait,maybe its just my way.(I told you madness)


100 nights from now I truly believe that WE,THE SPARTANBURG HIGH SCHOOL VIKINGS will make statement as a team,as fans and as a community. We will serve notice. I’m not saying we win by 30.I’m not saying “Summerville sucks”.. I’m not saying we are even the measuring stick…BUT what we are is..well ,what we make it. If a couple of thousand of us invade those hallowed grounds at Summerville. We make it “home”.


Remember Stratford? How about South Florence? Williams-Brice? the team wasn’t there by themselves. We were there. Shoulder to shoulder,bus behind bus behind bus behind cars,trucks,suv,vans and even that big guy in the wrestling t-shirts was there with his friend in the backwards Gamecock hat. We were all there.




I know teams usually adopt their own yearly mission statement. Those three words above are not a team mission..It’s a OUR Mission!!

We cannot do it without the players,coaches,teachers, parents, cheerleaders,band,staff,etc..

And they sure is hell can not do it with out us.


The point is we,especially as fans and alumni have 100 NIGHTS to kick ourselves into gear. If the team is gonna put in the work,so should we. Call your family and friends,plan a mini vacation,a huge tailgate,a carpool. Don’t act like a 2-3 hour ride is too far..you spend more than that walking around Walmart, Bass Pro Shops or your neighborhood.

You work all week. Reward yourself…

You deserve a road trip for a great football game and your family and friends deserve to see such a beautiful part of the state.

…and after all of that WE DESERVE to see you there..and most importantly..oh so very importantly..





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