Spartanburg vs.T.L. Hanna: Sticks & Stones


I will begin this article with the following statement:

Extreme Conditions Require Extreme Responses

The Spartanburg Vikings got caught up in what I will say was about the worse 41-40 game I have ever seen in a loss last Friday at Summerville. I’m not gonna sit here and argue the point of who played dirty,who started what and what should be the punishment. Neither team was completely without fault. Summerville is gone and over…and we are in a position to sink or swim. I don’t care how many radio shows,high schools leagues or who ever say we deserve the punishment we got. It’s about what we as Vikings make it.I’d prefer it to be a footnote at best of the 2017 season

To the Viking Players: This season is far from over. If you don’t believe you can win Friday Night against a good T.L. Hanna team then you shouldn’t get on the bus. I believe you can win..I KNOW YOU CAN WIN! The words that spit out of the mouths of people are just that…Words.

…and That is all I have as ammunition to defend us..Words.My words are not censored,my feelings are true.My words may rub someone the wrong way. It is very seldom my intention, but I’m not gonna sit back and listen to huge egotistical jerks trash our team. I made sure every official and police officer I saw on the way out of that stadium knew my words,my true feelings. I disagree with a lot of what I hear and see but as always there is a time and a place…PLUS

Sticks & Stones don’t mean much to Vikings,last time I checked Vikings built a lot with Sticks & Stones. They damn near ruled the world with Sticks & Stones. If you need a reason to win,to leave it all on the field? Do it for yourself

Remember it’s far from over…

T.L. Hanna is up next and Spartanburg is gonna be without players,I’ll safely bet it isn’t gonna make defending the Wing T any easier. Hanna QB Alex Meredith was already a nightmare now he’s running the Wing T of Jeff Herron.


Coach Herron has won 85 percent of every game he has coached. This past season he led Grayson (GA) to the State AAAAAAA Championship, posting a 14-1 record and playing two featured games on ESPN.

Prior to leading Grayson, Coach Herron also led Oconee County High School (GA) to a state championship, and Camden County High School (GA) to three state championships; all in the highest classification. Included in his 287-52 overall record is a Georgia state record 58-game regular season winning streak.

So in other words,if you thought the Yellow Jackets had been tough before,this Friday Night Spartanburg will see a T.L. Hanna team that we have never seen. I truly do not know what to expect from this game. With or without suspensions,I expect Spartanburg to struggle.That’s hard for me to even write,much less say out loud. Summerville had very little problem running up the middle and one of the main stays of the Wing T is the dive up the middle. T.L. Hanna did give up 296 Passing yards in a 2 point win versus Gaffney, but Spartanburg really didn’t show ability to stretch the field.

My understanding is that our entire offense except for a few players will miss this game and possibly much more. That’s even tougher to write or speak than the aforementioned struggle.


This will be only the second trip Spartanburg has ever made to T.L. HANNA with the last one being a 31-14 win in 1980. The series is tied 3-3 and Hanna hasn’t beat the Vikings since 1981…and none of that really matters comes this friday night. The Yellow Jackets student section will be loud.The fans are holding a “black out” theme.The game is being televised on WMYA-TV40. It has all the makings of a great match up on paper. The Air Raid vs. The Wing T. Spartanburg vs T.L. Hanna.

Two Teams that need a win and went through battles last week. I,being the super fan that I am fully expect the coaches and players of my beloved Spartanburg Vikings to have a game plan in place to come away from the Electric City with a win.

So I’ll leave you with this,Hanna is well coached and a very good football team.


What are you? Are you Blue & Gold? Are Sticks & Stones your weakness? Are we gonna let ourselves destroy ourselves? Are you going to let something that was mostly beyond your control chew you up and spit you out like the words of those who don’t believe in you?

Sticks and stones are hard on bones, aimed with angry art, words can sting like anything but silence breaks the heart”

You can read about and see pics of T.L. Hanna Stadium here.













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