Spartanburg Vikings vs. Etowah Eagles: FAR BEYOND DRIVEN


I could tell you about our beloved city. The clock tower that has been a main stay of our city has been moved around,weathered the storms of nature,the critics,the vandalism and is still standing strong. Ticking away.


There really isn’t a good place to begin this.I could tell you all about how we were short handed.I could rant about suspensions.I could even talk about my dislike for a certain person. But there’s not much left to say..I know who I am and what I’m about. I’m not fake.I don’t pretend to be anything less than what I am. I am above throes of rejection. I am Far Beyond Driven.

I may have lost a few people over the last week or so due to my “disagreement” with a certain radio (non) personality and you know what??..I’m totally cool with that. If some folks at Spartanburg need to keep a little space between us,I understand. I don’t mind being the “heel” in this. I just want anyone who reads this,anyone who may or may not enjoy my writing or “blogging” that it’s all good. I’m cool with that as long as the players,parents and coaches know that I’m here. Any kid that wants a story written about him and his on or off the field accomplishments just message me. If you want people to know how bad or good your childhood was? If you want to brag about someone you know and love and what they may have done.I’m here. If you want folks to know more about you than the number on your jersey.I am Here. I can’t chase down players to see if they would like to be featured,I DO NOT WANT TO BE A DISTRACTION. We have had far too much of that already.

I love this football team and school. The Spartanburg High School Vikings

I could write blogs about my Oakland Raiders oakland-raiders-fans

or how I think Sasha Banks is one of the best in ring performers I’ve seen in a decade in WWE. sasha-banks-wwe

I could write about the skills of Logic on the mic Logic-Announces-AfricAryaN-Album

or the skills of Neil Peart behind a Drum Kit. neil


Our Vikings have been pushed around,fought through adversity,critics and vandals of a different kind for over 100 years.We have been playing Football for over 100 years,think about that. All the kids who played for the same cause. Spartanburg Football. There is a lot to be said to see beyond the smoke screens that others try to blind you with,to see through it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is SPARTANBURG IS NOT A STEPPIN’ STONE.

We have mourned the loss of players,coaches and fans over the years. We have always been the school that others want to see fail. We should never allow ourselves to be divided in any way,shape or form..from race to philosophy,from the Crimson Tide to The Vikings, from Summerville to T.L. Hanna. We cannot let the others drive a wedge between us. We cannot hand those envious of us a bigger hammer to help pound us into a submission.

T.L. Hanna beat Spartanburg 35-0 last week. It was our first shutout since 2011 and one of only 15 shutouts in the last 46 years.It is a rarity in it of itself and hard to watch..but it’s over,other than using it for a learning tool and motivation,I find it useless and partially meaningless.

Notice I said partially meaningless,you can read the meaningful part here by SHJ prep writer JED BLACKWELL


Now..on to Etowah. This Team,just North of Atlanta,Georgia beat Spartanburg last season 21-14. The Eagles are off to a 1-1 start after a 26-0 win against Campbell and a heart breaking 38-35 loss to North Cobb. Etowah QB PATRICK FERRIS passed for more than 200 yards with 3 touchdowns, two incompletions but did have 2 fumbles. You can see some highlights here

WR/S Blake Jones at 6’3 185 seems to be a big threat.He had 2 TD catches this past week. His Highlights can also be found at the above link.

When I asked Etowah offensive line coach Chris Pack (a Spartanburg alum) he spoke of his team with concerned conviction,”Yeah, last week was rough. We had 2 pretty bad mistakes that resulted in 14 points for North Cobb and we lost on a FG 38-35 as time ran out.” Coach Pack went on to say,”We have to cut our mistakes out if we are going to beat good football teams. I was really proud of how our team fought back from those mistakes though.”


This is the first out-of-state game that Etowah has ever played in.

“Our kids and fans are excited to come to Spartanburg and to get to play the Vikings at Wofford in Gibbs Stadium”, Coach Pack said.”Our QB Patrick Ferris is playing really well right now and WR Blake Jones is back healthy from a knee injury last season. Those two have a special connection on the field. They feed off each other and their confidence in each other.”

When I asked about other positions that he saw as strong points on the Eagles he continued,”Our Offensive line is really starting to gel. We have a couple of new starters up there but I think we’re going to be better up front than we were last year. Our Line Backer Jake Weitkamp is just a beast. He’s a very strong, tough, physical kid that will fill a gap and stick his face in a fire if needed.”

Even though the Vikings have let situations and decisions put them in tough positions the last few weeks,I still believe all is not lost. I understandably realize that tension is brewing.I could see it on the sidelines.The last thing this team needs to be divided.Self Inflicted wounds take the longest to heal.
During the loss to Hanna, Spartanburg played two Quarterbacks with Keonte Cartledge and Jax Cash.Even Damyjai Foster ran the “wildcat” portion of the plays and the Vikings were still only able to muster 107 yards and four turnovers.

Spartanburg Head Coach Chris Miller said about the Quarterback position,” We don’t know right now,It’s too early in the week.Whoever has the better week of practice will get the start.”
An upside is the Vikings will have players returning from suspensions and hopefully the tensions will have eased to the point of the team being able to take a step back, a huge blue & gold breath and regroup. There is many games left to play and Spartanburg is more than capable of winning our region.
For weeks I have begged and pleaded for fans to make trips and support our team.This week is no different. Spartanburg being 0-2 and hosting an out of state team is more than enough reason for people to make a statement just as I expect the team to make.
Gibbs Stadium should be thousands deep. Our voices should be as loud as the effort on the field. We are not defeated! Spartanburg is not done…and I don’t plan to write about Sasha Banks anytime soon.
So in closing this week is our week to change things. This week is the week the players and coaches can put the last two weeks of football behind them.
We as fans can help by showing up and giving them our all.
“The most difficult phase in life is when we breakdown and give up the fight. It’s because we deny ourselves of our inner strength. Take every failure as a stepping stone of success and be architect of your destiny.”
and just a reminder..We aren’t your steppin’ stone…

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