Days of The New Future..WESTSIDE @ SPARTANBURG

futureSome say the season doesn’t start until region play. I disagree. I know the region is what “counts” but…to me the game before the region sets the tone. This is what I refer to as a trap game. Sometimes you may find yourself looking to the region and get bit by the snake in front of you. The most important game on Spartanburgs’ schedule is this friday Night as we host Scott Earley and his WESTSIDE RAMS. The Rams are a bit of a question mark. After some key injuries and moving some players around the Rams find themselves at 3-2 and averaging about 25 points a game. Westside has been allowing about 21 points on defense per contest. You can check out the rams info here

If this game is anything like last seasons, you will most definitely wanna be a Gibbs Stadium this Friday. The Rams usually travel real well, it should be a fun night.


“I feel way more comfortable and everything is starting to slow down. Things have become easier to me”, said Spartanburg QB Keonte Cartledge who knows there is still work to do.”I need to lower my mistakes and work on coming to my check downs . Coach Miller told me that I’m doing a great job going through my reads and getting the ball in my wide receivers hands, but as always there is room to improve.” On the season thus far Cartledge is 69 of 113 for 896 yards. He has thrown 7 touchdowns, has a completion percentage of 61.1 and a Quarterback rating of 139.2

One of the many weapons Keonte likes to spread the ball around to is Moe Wedman. Moe has 18 receptions for 237 yards for a 13 yard per reception average. He has one Touchdown and has only played in 4 games.


” I just want to thank all my coaches for having me ready for the game,  Coach Harris  and Coach Thomas are constantly helping me on my routes and blocking. This my first year on varsity so I am learning throughout the way my teammates, Tommy Washington, Damyjai Foster and Romain Kelley are always helping me get better and pushing me because I’m the young one out of the group. Wedman continued,” I appreciate the time they have put into making me better. My parents are always pushing me and helping me constantly with my football and to be a better person, it really helps to have that kind of support.”

There’s nothing like seeing things through a kids eyes. It’s basically indescribable. It’s hard for me to give you the perspective I have. They arent my children, most of them don’t even know who I am. Even though you are not my children…

You all are My Vikings, Our Vikings..Just never forget.. There’s no place else that I would rather be on Friday Nights. I thank all of your for giving me your Friday Nights and so much more. The least I can do is give you 500 words,with the last few words being..



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