SPARTANBURG at BOILING SPRINGS: A Homecoming for History

So Spartanburg lost to Dorman.We let one slip away. I still don’t believe any of our three losses were to teams better than Spartanburg. It could be me looking through blue and gold blinders or simple bias. I just don’t believe Summerville could stay within two touchdowns of us, I don’t believe T.L. Hanna could score 5 touchdowns on us and I certainly don’t think that Dorman is the be all, end all to our season. Dorman won, we lost. It was their 19th win in like 50 years. End of the discussion..for now.

New week,New Discussions..

Sometimes when I need to talk Viking Football, I talk to Jay Girdner. Sometimes when I just need to talk..I talk to Jay. When it came time to work on this weeks article Jay Girdner was the logical choice in my eyes. I have a few friends who live and work in Boiling Springs, people who are close to that program and community…make no mistake about it they believe they are going to win this Friday.Some even think they are going to win big and easy… even though they were destroyed by Gaffney last week, that doesn’t seem to have dismantled the confidence of beating Spartanburg.

If Boiling Springs has the confidence,then where does that leave us?

Simply Put..facing adversity.

“I grew up in Boiling Springs playing sports, football and baseball at the BSYAA complex,” said Girdner. “Every Tuesday and Thursday night I played or practiced at the fields whether it was Bryant Rd. or Bible Church Rd. My mom even went to Boiling Springs High School.” While it is a homecoming to a degree for Jay it is also a Homecoming in a another way. “This week we’re scheduled for their Homecoming game. I wouldn’t say it’s a “rivalry” game, but it’s a game that comes with a lot of emotion because of what’s been on the line the past few games.” Jay continued,”Last year they won the region after beating us, and they beat us again to go to state. So there’s definitely some bad blood between us.”


“We took the Dorman game as a lesson that we have to come every Friday night prepared. We’re a talented football team, but without the mental focus it doesn’t mean much.” Girdner also talked about the intensity at practice,”Today we had a great practice with our 1’s and our scout periods. We really stressed tackling, and making sure we’re reading our keys correctly. I expect us to come in this week, have great practices and be prepared Friday night to respond to last week. We’re very familiar with adversity.”

So Spartanburg will travel up Highway 9 a few miles to face Boiling Springs with a ton on the line. playoff seeds. Playoff eliminations.

The Final of this game will go a long any of many directions. Boiling Springs might feel  they “own us”. Najee Thompson might feel like he is the best player in the state. There probably isn’t 15 players in the state better than Najee.

There is one big difference between feeling like a champion and actually winning them.You see, Boiling Springs could win more region titles maybe a state championship or two but they will never be Spartanburg. History Builds Character and Character Builds Empires.

When I spoke to the Vikings Players and Coaches at Wofford last week this is what I was trying to get across in my stumbling words and tearful eyes. Everybody wants what we have. Remember, It’s not bragging if you back it up. For all the games I’ve seen,even the losses we have always backed it up.

Mr. Girdner, this is your game.You can make a statement. Spartanburg can make a statement. Jay Girdner will play like a champion. Spartanburg will play like a champion. I’ve read the trash talk. I’ve seen the video of a Boiling Springs player trashing Viking Players. If I am brutally honest, I’ll trade a loss to Dorman for a win at Boiling Springs.


Just Home and Love! the words are small
Four little letters unto each;
And yet you will not find in all
The wide and gracious range of speech
Two more so tenderly complete:
When angels talk in Heaven above,
I’m sure they have no words more sweet
Than Home and Love.

Just Home and Love! it’s hard to guess
Which of the two were best to gain;
Home without Love is bitterness;
Love without Home is often pain.
No! each alone will seldom do;
Somehow they travel hand and glove:
If you win one you must have two,
Both Home and Love.

And if you’ve both, well then I’m sure
You ought to sing the whole day long;
It doesn’t matter if you’re poor
With these to make divine your song.
And so I praisefully repeat,
When angels talk in Heaven above,
There are no words more simply sweet
Than Home and Love. 


The best way for me to get my point across is this:

In 1989 North Augusta started the season 0-6.They finished 8-7. They went 8-1 over the rest of the season. They also won a 4AAAA Divison II Title that season.You might think “wow, “that’s a turn around.”

What those numbers don’t tell you is at the end of the regular season North Augusta was 4-7. You Know how they won a state Title?? They won 4 games in a row.

Spartanburg started this season 0-2..then we won 5 in a row. 5 in row. You already have a accomplished what you need to do. You just have to do it again on a slightly different course,you know “historically speaking”…

Character Builds Empires…make some history Friday Night.

 Thank you Jay!!! and everyone at Spartanburg.

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