Spartanburg at Hillcrest: New Found Power



It’s been so hard to write lately.Sometimes all the adversity life serves you up on a silver platter is hard to swallow. It chokes you up both figuratively and literally. My season has been much like my beloved Spartanburg High School Vikings, lots of ups and downs. An emotional roller coaster for lack of a better metaphor.

I wish I could have written a story on every player, every coach, every cheerleader, every teacher and every student who walks those halls. I apologize that time won’t give me time. I have to steal moments just to ask you to listen like thieves.

Spartanburg finds itself headed into the second round of the playoffs against the 9-2 Hillcrest Rams. I feel Spartanburg could very easily be undefeated and I’m sure Hillcrest feels the same. Hillcrest has a good coach in Greg Porter and they have athletes who can make plays and change games at any given moment. You can read more about the matchup here from Greenville Online and here from Goupstate.

If you need more perspective.The last time Spartanburg won a State Championship, Hillcrest won one the same day. We are both equally removed from glory.


As much as I want to talk about Football, it’s pretty simple.. we have to win.That’s the bottom line. Win and move on. There isn’t any variables to be found tucked away behind some explored avenue.You have to win. Here lately, I have been throwing around the phrase or hashtag #NewFoundPower. That’s something that came from a writer I read named  Patrick A. Lachman.

“Cleansing yourself of the past
Learn from mistakes and move on
Conquering new ground at last
Unite and become twice as strong”

                                                            NEW FOUND POWER

I have had to adopt that mindset as well. The Vikings have done more than I could ever ask for myself and my Lisa Michelle. The Night I spoke to the team before the Dorman Game was overwhelming at times. You know there’s so much I wanted to say. In hindsight I know it’s better for me to put my words down on paper rather than just let my brain do what it wants to do…it tends to ramble.. then it will start to wrestle with anxiety and whatever else goes running through my mental circus. Lisa and I often joke about our Three Ring Big Top Show that no one wants to see.


Lisa stood in the end zone after practice one day and every Viking walked up to her and hugged her. Wether it was pre planned or not, it felt organic.It felt so real and uplifting to me, let alone her. She still is Battling and we have found out about a treatment that may actually improve her quality of life and who could save her. So trips to Atlanta and possibly Houston may be in our future. I refuse to let my hopes get up, as does she. A realist. A realist is a hard person to be. While there is honor,passion, and all that comes with being real. There is also a certain amount of limited ceiling. You can only get so far on your own, then at some point you either find faith in something or someone. The other route is to tap out, throw in the towel and just give up. While I have many faults I do not quit. It’s not an option. She wants all of you to know that you actually caring and wearing that Mental Awareness Sticker on your Helmets helped her claim a New Found Power.


Sometimes you have to find that thing within yourself. You have to find a source. Something that will fuel your NEW FOUND POWER. In between a couple of hours a sleep a day and working third shift, I promise you I have been searching high and low for that source. I looked everywhere and as usual it was right in front my tired eyes. Lisa says to me,” why have you not been writing?” I paused,”I don’t know what to say with so much I want to say.” She replied, “There’s your answer.” I thought about her simple but accurate evaluation of my excuse. While on the front lines of her own battles she knew how it was wearing my soul thin. I must admit I am tired. I’m down right exhausted at times. Lisa followed up my pause with the words,”Our circus is always open.”

So in closing..Just know that We havent given up. Spartanburg hasn’t given up. I’m not sure that this writing has much of a focal point but there is something I needed to let all of you know. WE ARE STILL HERE. WE ARE AT THE GAMES. I have not let life pass me by nor have Lisa and I let go of The Vikings. There is power all around us. All for the taking by those of us who need it. Those who want it,those who will fight for it.

Spartanburg will fight this Friday Night at Chandler Stadium in Simpsonville. We will be there in your corner not just because you have been in ours.

All because you deserve nothing less than our best effort.

You owe it to yourself to use your New Found Power and prove to those who doubt,those who challenge you..that You are still Blue and Gold.

You are still Tradition and Foundation.


7x South Carolina State Champions 1932 1991 1994 1995 1996 2001 2014
The Spartanburg High School Vikings




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