“SEND FORTH THE HIGH FALCON” Nation Ford at Spartanburg

Send Forth The High Falcon

Send forth the high falcon flying after the mind   
Till it come toppling down from its cold cloud:   
The beak of the falcon to pierce it till it fall
Where the simple heart is bowed.
O in wild innocence it rides
The rare ungovernable element,
But once it sways to terror and descent,
The marches of the wind are its abyss,
No wind staying it upward of the breast—
Let mind be proud for this,
And ignorant from what fabulous cause it dropt,
Or with how learned a gesture the unschooled heart   
Shall lull both terror and innocence to rest.
Nation Ford High School Falcons. This will be the first meeting between these two schools. The Falcons are coming off a 5-7 season which included a first round playoff loss to Greenwood much like The Vikings second round loss to Hillcrest which led to Spartanburg finishing 6-6.
These teams both have a lot to prove and the players to do it. While I tried repeatedly to communicate with the Falcons, they chose not to be a part of this. So what do I do? I very seldom get straight up rejected but it has happened a time or two..and more than likely happen again.
Bret McCormick from The Herald in the Rock Hill/Fort Mill area was very kind enough to put together a synopsis of Nation Ford (BELOW) and some of their key players. I thank you very much Bret, you are one of the best in this business..and I cannot thank you enough.
Nation Ford started 5 different QBs last season (out of necessity, not desire) but have a clear starter this year, in 6’5 Carson Carruthers. 
The Falcons also have a pretty good junior running back, Nathan Mahaffey, who can run and catch out of the backfield.
(Jeff Sochko Photo)
The Receivers are pretty solid, including Dewuan McCullum (above) — team’s most explosive player, committed to Texas-San Antonio — Harrison Cohen, and tight end Nathan Lovette. Petey Tuipulotu is also a Power-5 prospect that plays safety and some receiver. Both of his brothers will play at BYU after Mormon missions are completed.
Nation Ford lost its punter, Skyler DeLong to Alabama, but has a couple of different kids ready to take over.
Defensive line has some experience, led by Jon Sanders and Ashten Schaufert. Michael Peterson is a D-I prospect at linebacker and led The Herald’s coverage area in tackles last year with 150.


Bret McCormick
Assistant Sports Editor
The Herald
So there you have it. There isn’t much more I can say. I mean seriously, He works in Football City,USA. You can read more about Nation Ford in THE HERALD HIGH SCHOOL PREVIEW
Now on to something I can talk about all day. Everyday…
(I usually do not need help for this)
100 Years of Gridiron Battles, 100 Years of Gridiron Glory. Everyday Glory.
The Vikings have a good core of returning players on both sides of the ball as well as quite a few new faces. Throughout this season I hope to introduce you to as many of them as possible.
There are many reasons I do this. One of which is very simple, Love. Another is every kid has a story. Those stories are worth just as much as any other.
If there is one thing I learned in April.. it is never take someone and their story for granted.
Open your mind…
Shut your mouth…
                                       ….and then there is #31.. JAY GIRDNER.
Since I have started this over the last few years Jay has been always willing to give me his time. He speaks of his team mates,coaches and family with such respect its very humbling to see and hear. I could not think of a better person to represent Spartanburg High School. I spoke with Jay on Sunday about kicking off the season.
“It’s hard for me to think that this is my last first high school game of a season. When I was growing up all I wanted to do was play High School Football”, Girdner said. “I idolized all the players and now it’s here and I want to go out on top, I will do my best to make myself and my team better.”
When I asked Jay about his off-season, he didn’t hesitate at all. “My biggest improvement was just understanding the game better, on a higher level. I can look at an offense and understand what they are trying to do or who they are trying to get the ball to.”
Before I could ask my follow-up question, Girdner answered it for me, “I feel without a doubt, with me being able to do that before the snap, it gives me an edge. An edge we can use the entire game.”
Just in case I forget over the season which I am very likely to do… I just want to say thanks.
Thanks to Jay’s Mother and Father for doing a fantastic job raising a fine young man. and to Jay himself..
Jay you have been there every time I needed you for an article or more importantly…
When things crumbled all around me. I remember my phone going off early in the morning.
You sent me the first message I got.
You asked me if I was ok. If I needed anything at all, to call you. I will never forget that. Thank you. So I want you to know that those things you offered me..You will actually give to me this Friday Night. You will give me your time.You will give me you effort and your sweat. You will leave it all on the field. 
                                               SEND FORTH THE HIGH FALCON…
As Lisa would say in my ear sometimes at games, “he played hard didn’t he?”
“Yes Baby, he did”.. 
and I got a feeling this Friday Night at Gibbs Stadium, He might just play a little bit harder, maybe even with a touch of “warrior.”
Thank you Jaylon Girdner.. Blue & Gold Forever!!
(extra thanks to Jeff Mahaffey, David Wilson and especially Bret McCormick)

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