Craving Spoils: Spartanburg at Greer

“to the victor belong the spoils”

I am not Craving a Victory nearly as much as I am Craving the Spoils. The spoils of being 2-0 with Archer coming up from Georgia next week would be a great place to be. I, also know on the other hand we will not overlook a Greer team that has the weapons in place to claim victory for themselves.


While Spartanburg and Nation Ford played hot potato with a 13 turnover game in which the Vikings won 52-28. Greer had a much tougher evening with Byrnes. The Yellow Jackets had three turnovers that hurt. Two fumbles inside their own 30 and a snap over the punters head into the end zone resulted in 3 Rebel touchdowns.


All the while Greer Running Back Dre Williams had 258 rushing yards, 49 receiving yards and a 96 yard kick off return… for those keeping track at home that is 403 total yards in a loss. The numbers that Williams is capable of putting up is something Spartanburg needs to at least cut in half.
The Vikings new Defensive Coordinator Phil Smith is a Greer graduate and a former assistant with the Yellow Jackets has the task of trying to stop Williams.
While Greer has a strong talented defensive line, The Secondary is young and inexperienced having gave up 321 passing yards to Byrnes
Its hard to believe that Spartanburg and Greer have not played each other since 1975.  Spartanburg leads the series 11-9-2. These teams have not played
in 43 years. The last meeting was in 1975 a 21-0 Greer win over the Vikings.
(credit: Yellow Jacket Sports Network )
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Spartanburg looked about as good as what you kind of expect during a first game. The things I saw from a fans standpoint was we have two good Quarterbacks in Seth Smith and Keonte Cartledge. Our wide outs played excellent, especially Moe Wedman who had 7 catches for 194 yards and two touchdowns.
The quarterback play in this one will be crucial. Spartanburg must score points and keep Greer and Quarterback Trey Houston off the field.
This story I originally wrote and crashed on this laptop was much more in depth. Again, my apologies for the mishap.
So yes I will walk into Dooley Field knowing this is small town football at its finest. Two historic programs going to battle for the first time in 43 years. I will Crave those Spoils with my head held high.
It’s one thing to be proud
It’s another thing be confident..

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