FINISH? Archer at Spartanburg

Archer High School from Lawerenceville, Georgia. The Atlanta area is a hot bed for talent and great high school football.  A powerhouse conference with great teams. Loyal, strong opinionated fans. Archer is loaded. Plain and Simple. Division 1 talent at multiple positions. Big, Fast, Strong. A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know about the Archer Tigers. . I’ve got a soap box to climb upon.


So are u defeated yet? Have you already lost? It is the word FINISH you wear on your chest right?

The reason I ask is that the garbage, and yes I said garbage I saw walking out of Dooley Field last Friday Night was garbage. Teammates, arguing between themselves. Viking players pointing fingers at each other. 37-17… you got smoked. End of discussion.Out played. Out coached. Out scored.

Did you lose? or were you defeated? I’ll preface this by saying am I am in NO way calling out certain players,positions,coaches,cheerleaders,etc..? I am none of the above…but i am something, some of you are not..

I am A Viking. I have Pride.

Where ever I am on Viking football games in a row, in the 400 neighborhood if you’re keeping count at home..I have seen a lot of teams. You aren’t the great statue deserving person you might think you are. I’m not directing this at any one person, it’s just an overall observation and opinion, both of which are mine.So for future reference when I say “you”, it’s generic in terms of you the reader.


My Vikings, and yes I said that also. My Vikings do not bicker and pout! They do not fight with hot heads. You’re supposed to be teammates. You don’t make a mistake and sling your arms like a 5th grader and slam your helmet down and stomp off the field in a tantrum. It’s embarrassing. There is no entitlement under that Gold helmet. They are however expectations. I, or should I say WE expect you to be a teammate, not a buddy. A buddy comes by on payday. I’m sure you notice you got more buddies on payday? You aren’t a teammate either…a true teammate will lead to a friend. A real friend, not a “luv ya,bruh” friend. I mean a person you can go without seeing for years at a time, but when you look them in the eye and tell them you love them, they know you mean it.

It is a feeling that is instinctively reciprocal. It trickles down into other relationships. Parents, careers, teachers, all matters. Everything is effected. Most importantly you and those around you such as??? C’mon?,,do you know?? YOUR TEAMMATE!!!!

He’s the guy that wants your job if he plays your position. He’s the assistant coach that wants to one day be a head coach. It’s the quiet kid that has hope that one day you will ask if she was ok as you walked by her on your way out of class. If you are truly a Viking..every person in that school and district office is your teammate.

I refuse to let myself believe the foundation for the next 100 years will be laid by a group of  people who have zero pride. You are not proud. Pride goes hand in hand with respect, except one is earned, the other self earned. The Vikings I saw at Greer were prideless.

If it were up to me, I would clean house. You could get off our field.

How dare you disrespect yourself,parents,teachers,coaches…friends?? Team mates?

Ask Donovan Gist about 36 carries. Ask Bill Bradshaw about 100 2 point conversions in a career. Ask Chris Bain about throwing for 360 at Sumter. Ask Brandon Sims about being down by 21 points at Halftime of a state championship game. Ask about the Selby Streak against Greenwood. Ask Scott Harward about actually diving for a ball that’s overthrown. after they tell you about it, ask them if they are proud? When they answer ask your final question… Are You Proud?

It is the word Finish on your chest.

If you lose..then you lost.

If you tap out.. ARE YOU DEFEATED??? or did you quit?



After you ask youself??  BEAT ARCHER. FINISH.






  1. Absolutely. Ask Will Conner what it was like to pull on 37 counter plays in two weeks against top 10 AAAA opponents. It’s time for PRIDE

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