THE RESURRECTION OF KINGS: Spartanburg at Nation Ford


Where shall I begin? What should or could I write about? First off, thank you!! To everyone that has supported this roller coaster of a crazed fan. It is hugely appreciated.

Let’s see there is a new school. New coaches, new players, new fans. Fans..there is that word.

The word that makes some peoples skin crawl, especially when it is attached to me. It is also the word that separates our reality from our fantasy. Our reality is we have a new school. We have our very own stadium. The school district stepped up. The community stepped up. The coaches made fantastic hires in the off season. The players have stepped up and all of the above have put in work, hard work.

So where does that leave us,  the fans. Will we make the trip to Fort Mill? To Greer? To Atlanta?.. over the next few weeks, we the fans can lay the first layer of foundation on our new fan base. I say new because we need to change. We need to step up. For some reason we feel a certain entitlement because of history. All the while we are truly only as good as the last game.


So come Friday night We have the chance to resurrect the kings. The opportunity to step up, to seal the deal so to speak…and just in case you were thinking different? Nation Ford is good and they have players. You can read a little about them below.

Meanwhile our Vikings will have many new faces to mix with our returning players to execute Offensive Coordinator Jason McManus RPO offense.

Wr’s- Tamon Reed, JD Ratliff, Kelvon Lee and Quinton Holbert are all expected to make a huge impact. Running back Mike Wannamaker should feel right at home in the back field . Quarterback Zay Foster is a legit dual threat that can make you pay with his mobility.

A defensive that will exciting to watch with Zion Meadows and Alexander James anchoring the front . Deondre Miller, Paris Ferguson, and Chris Manning give a quick brutal linebacking corp. Cornerback Jamare Benjamin will lead the defensive backs.. not to mention Head Coach Chris Miller stepping back into calling the defense.

So we have players. We have coaches. We have a school. We have a stadium.

So do we have fans? Much like the team,  I for one believe fans need practice also. Do you really want to be in a empty, quiet brand new stadium come the last week of September?


I sure as hell don’t. I believe we can rebuild our fan base just as we have done our school and community. Its not impossible to think outside the box. We can do a little extra to make every game more exciting. A little bit extra to show the kids and parents we care…after all is said and done, win or lose… all of this is about the kids.

We shouldn’t ever forget that. If we do..we just become mediocre and the last time I checked…


Mediocrity does not build Kingdoms…it crumbles in the hands of those who wear the crowns.

We should never forget that Heavy are the heads that wear the crowns.

So Friday night wear your proverbial crown.

Armor and Sword. Blue and Gold. Forever.  Burn The Ships.

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